2022 Graduate Awards!

12-month graduate fellowships in Complex Dynamics: Deadline 5pm March 11, 2022.

The CD-CREATE network is recruiting graduate students for the 2022-23 round of Graduate Research Awards in Complex Dynamics. Graduate applicants who will be enrolled in a full-time graduate program in Autumn 2022 in an NSERC-related field (natural science and engineering) are eligible to apply. Please note that medical residents and students holding NSERC, CIHR, or SSHRC fellowships for the same time period are not eligible to apply. Graduate students are eligible for a total of 4 years of accumulated NSERC, CIHR, and SSHRC funding during their entire graduate training. There are rules which limit the specific awards that can be held concurrently with this  award. If you hold or receive funding during the same period as the NSERC-Create award, please notify the CREATE Program Coordinator and your department Graduate Program Secretary immediately. Graduate Fellowships will be awarded for 1 year, with a possibility of 2nd year funding contingent on satisfactory progress, and will begin in September 2022.

Awards include an 8-month stipend of $18,000 plus a 16-week (4-month) internship stipend of $8000 (total $26,000) to students enrolled full-time (Masters or PhD level) at the home institution of one of the CD mentors. Students are required to conduct research relevant to the goals of the CD training grant with one of the training grant supervisors listed on the Mentors page, to have a co-supervisor from the CD-Create network (organized after funding is awarded), to attend CD workshops and 3 professional development events, and to fulfill the 4-month internship with one of the Complex Dynamics internship partners, described under "Partners"; the internship is a required component of the graduate awards. Citizens of all countries are eligible for the CD-Create graduate awards. Further information on NSERC's eligibility requirements is available at http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/BellandPostgrad-BelletSuperieures_eng.asp

Instructions to applicants: Please examine carefully the research interests of the members in this network who can serve as supervisors and as internship partners. Detailed descriptions of research opportunities can be found at the websites of the Mentors (listed under Mentors page). We strongly recommend that applicants first contact the prospective supervisors via email to determine whether they are sponsoring trainees for autumn 2022 in the CD Training grant. Interviews with prospective internship partners are arranged after applicants accept the awards. Applicants are judged based on student's academic record; fit to CD training network themes; and balance across training themes. Some preference will be given to applicants whose proposal indicates a novel training experience compared with their current training environment. Due to the limited number of awards, each applicant and each supervisor can submit only one application. Les candidatures peuvent être soumises en français.

How to submit: Download, rename and complete the form-fillable graduate application form and obtain the signature of a supervisor in the CD training grant on this application. Applications must be submitted directly via email by the candidate to the email address indicated on the application form. In addition, applicants must arrange to send their CV and one recommendation letter submitted by someone other than the nominating supervisor, who is familiar with the applicant's research. Please note that only one recommendation letter per application is permitted. Official transcripts from undergraduate and graduate institutions attended by the applicant are required to be sent by the university by email to amena (.) ahmad (.) (at) mcgill (.) ca by 5pm March 11, 2022. Applicants should also arrange to send an unofficial copy of their transcripts in email to the address indicated on the application by the same date. The remaining application materials can be submitted in email to the address indicated on the application form. Awards announcements are expected to be made by mid-April 2022.

Graduate Award Application Form

Instructions to supervisors: Please read and sign page 2 of the trainee's application. Supervisors are expected to provide $1000 toward the applicant's stipend and a $1000 travel allowance for the applicant to attend the annual CREATE conference. Supervisors are also expected to have submitted the CD-Tutorials Form [.doc], which is required from training grant members before they apply to serve as supervisors on CD graduate fellowship applications. If you have submitted the Tutorials form for a previous competition you DO NOT need to re-submit it.

Instructions to Recommenders: Recommenders should submit the recommendation form below directly by email to the email address on the form to arrive by March 11, 2022. Please use the box provided on the form; do not attach separate letters. 

Graduate Recommendation Form