Welcome to the site of the Complex Dynamics training grant. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) funds our six-year mission to train future scientists to evaluate nonlinear periodic oscillations underlying biological rhythms that are critical to heart rate, sleep, and respiration, as well as attention, memory, and motor activity. Mismatches between biological rhythms and environmental or societal demands can have serious consequences for job performance, mental health, and quality of life. The program integrates training in mathematics, physics, and computer science with neuroscience, physiology, and psychology to extract the complex dynamics resulting from biological measures.  The mentor team includes natural and life scientists from universities in Quebec and Ontario, as well as industrial / governmental internship partners and international training networks of experts in complex dynamics.

Nonlinear Dynamics Poster Session, Aug 15, 2017Caroline Palmer, Director
NSERC-CREATE in Complex Dynamics
McGill University