August 9 Posters – Session A

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Research Theme Name Short Title Level University
Neuroscience foundations Akhshi, Amin Heterogeneity in neural responses Graduate Student McGill Univ
Neuroscience foundations Albury, Alexander Liking & Predictability in Music Graduate Student Concordia Univ
Analytical foundations Bourassa, François T cell antigen encoding and antagonism Graduate Student McGill Univ
Neuroscience foundations de Oliveira Emerick, Marina TDCS Effects on Beat Perception Graduate Student Western
Developmental dynamics Flaten, Erica Coordination in early interactions Graduate Student McMaster Univ
Analytical foundations Gharesi, Niloofar Introducing Amplitude-Phase Coupling Graduate Student McGill Univ
Disrupted dynamics Hernandez, Jimmy Spectral power biomarkers in iRBD Graduate Student Univ of Montreal
Disrupted dynamics Jagadeesan, Ramkumar Spontaneous intrapersonal synchrony Graduate Student Western
Group dynamics Mayrand, Florence Gaze Behaviors ans Speech in Dyads Graduate Student McGill Univ
Neuroscience foundations Vuong, Veronica Neural Correlates of Familiar Music Graduate Student Univ of Toronto
Neuroscience foundations Wilson, Luc Time-resolved spectral parameterization Graduate Student McGill Univ