Internship Partners

Internship Partners: The Complex Dynamics training network, with its industry and health care partners, provides 4-month funded internships to graduate and postdoctoral trainees in topics related to nonlinear dynamics in brain and behaviour. Current partners include:

AAVAA, creators of deep-tech solutions from biosignals for listening devices 

Aerial, inventors of home sensor technologies with biomarker applications 

Bose Health, creators of new technologies that benefit hearing and sleep

BrainVision, producers of neurophysiological software/hardware solutions

Emotiv, inventors of wireless brain-computer interfaces

ImmunoDynamics Group (Nat Cancer Inst), inventors of computational models of the immune system

Innodem Neurosciences, developers of gaze and eye-movement biomarker platforms

InteraXon, creators of brainwave-controlled computing technology and applications

Montreal Neurological Institute, home of the Open Science repository of brain data

Muvik Labs, developers of interfaces that translate biosensor data into sound

National Research Council (Medical Devices), creators of innovative medical technologies

Northern Digital, innovators in 3d measurement tracking technologies

Oscilloscape, developers of signal processing technologies based on human neural dynamics

Intheon, creators of neurotechnology platforms for biosignal processing

SIG-NUM, developers of contactless ECG data acquisition

SR-Research, leaders in high-speed, high-resolution eye tracking applications

VPixx, developers of hardware/software solutions for high performance multimedia signals

The Virtual Brain, computational modelers of full-brain network dynamics

Eligibility: Each graduate trainee funded by the NSERC-Create grant is expected to hold one 4-month internship placement as part of their 12-month award. Non-Create-funded graduate trainees and postdoctoral trainees are eligible but not obligated to hold an internship. Each year, trainees will be offered opportunities for interviews with internship partners, either by videoconferencing or in person at annual workshops. Trainees must attend the interviews in the same year as their internship application. Placements are based on mutual agreement between trainees, internship partners and CREATE staff with input from the academic supervisor. After the interviews, trainees should complete an Internship application, obtain the required signatures, and email the form with an updated CV to the CD-CREATE staff email listed on the form. For part-time internships during the semester, please add a statement to your application of how many hours/week you wish to hold the internship.  

Funding: The internship can take place any time of year; May-August is most common. The trainee receives funds during a full-time internship of $1000/month from the training grant and $1000/month from the partner (pro-rated for half-time internships). If the internship does not takes place at the partner site, then a plan for regularly scheduled supervisory meetings should be included in the internship application, a one-page application signed by trainee, internship partner, and academic supervisor, and reviewed by the NSERC-Create staff. Trainees are required to present a brief report on their internship at the CREATE annual August symposium and to provide the CD-Create staff with a brief written report (to be provided later).