Naeem Komeilipoor bio (2020 symposium)

About Dr. Naeem Komeilipoor, AAVAA

Dr. Naeem Komeilipoor is the co-founder and technical lead at AAVAA, a
Montréal-based start-up that is building listening devices that allow
everyone to hear what matters by processing their surrounding sounds
based on input from listeners' brain and biosignals. AAVAA capitalizes
on multiple technologies, including Brain-Computer Interface, Audio
Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Embedded System Design, Material
Science, and 3D Modeling. Naeem received his PhD in human movement
sciences from Universities of Amsterdam (NE) and Verona (IT) and he held
a postdoctoral positions at University of Helsinki and University of
Montreal. He also serves as entrepreneur in residence at TandemLaunch