August 10 Poster Presentations

2020 Symposium in Nonlinear Dynamics

1. Andric, Sebastian, "The role of beta bursts in generating contextual speech predictions"

2. Aumont, Tomy, "Cortical generators of two types of slow waves: a MEG study"

3. Belkacem, Agnes, "Reduced hippocampal volume and impaired verbal memory following a first-episode psychosis"

4. Borthakur, Debanjan, "Cardiorespiratory optimized guided-breathing biofeedback for post-stress recovery in a group setting"

5. Brake, Niklas, "Modelling EEG spectral changes during propofol-induced loss of consciousness"

6. Carrillo, Chantal, "Timing perception and auditory-motor synchronization deficits in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder"

7. Cloutier, Marie-Eve, "Interaction between circadian disruption and a genetic risk factor for Schizophrenia"

8. Fischer, Manda, "Long-term memory-guided attention and alpha-band oscillations: Implicit access to spatial information"

9. Glickman, Harry, "Personalized neuromodulation strategies for cognitive rehabilitation"

10. Hoddinott, Joshua, "Neural correlates of rhythm and beat perception: A multivariate approach"

11. Jutras-Dubé, Laurent, "Geometric models of robust encoding of dynamical information into embryonic patterns"

12. Klein, Lucas, "How do expressive features in music reflect information flow?"

13. Lehnert, Jonas, "The role of the dorsal raphe nucleus in visually guided behaviour"

14. MacKay, Laurent, "Dynamics of protrusive oscillations in the membranes of fish kerocyte cells" 

15. Pazdera, Jesse, "Pitch induces nonlinear illusory percepts of time"

16. Prete, David, "Measuring directed cross-frequency coupling in the brain"

17. Srikanta, Shashank, "Altered entrainment to light and behavioural deficits in mice lacking the circadian deubiquitinase USP2"

18. Tiv, Mehrgol, "Mapping the dynamics of bilingual conversational topics with network science"

19. Von Handorf, Kristi, "Isolating the effect of beat salience on rhythmic auditory stimulation outcomes"

20. Wright, Shannon, "Nonlinear cardiac dynamics during music performance"