August 11 Poster Presentations

1. Core, Lucy, "Simulating Sound Encoding in Active Contexts: Applying the Hidden Markov Model to Frequency Following Responses"

2. Hsu, Prisca, "Surveying Beat Perception and Production Abilities in Healthy Adults and Parkinson's Patients"

3. Ozell-Landry, William, "The interaction of maternal immune activation and circadian rhythm disruption on the mouse brain microglial environment" 

4. Rioux, Mathilde, "Modulation of the neural representation of autobiographical memories through rehearsal"

5. Sahlas, Ella, “Neural encoding of auditory and motor rhythms in production tasks"

6. Sorger Brock, Sebastian, "Are Musicians' Circadian Rhythms disrupted by COVID-19"

7. Whitehorne, Lee, "Perceptual and production biases in synchronization"

8. Begel, Valentin, "Delay-coupling models of auditory-motor synchronization in groups"

9. Regev, Mor, "Content-specific neural patterns in auditory cortices during imagery of music"

10. Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden, Christina, "Infants' neural tracking of the rhythms of music and language"