The Complex Dynamics network has two types of partnerships: Internship partners and Network partners.

Internship partners offer 4-month funded positions to CD graduate student and postdoctoral trainees in industrial and health care settings in fields related to nonlinear dynamics in brain and behaviour. Examples include movement applications for detecting sleep or gait disturbances; or neurofeedback applications for detecting memory or attentional disruptions. During these internships, trainees can work onsite at the partner institution or, depending on the partner, offsite (at their home institution) on a project with the internship partner related to a complex dynamics topic. Important goals of the internships are for trainees to learn new research skills prior to reaching the workforce; to extend trainees’ professional networks; and, if possible, for trainees and their internship partners to make arrangements for any publications that may arise from the project undertaken during the internship. Learn more at the "Internship Partners" tab.

Network partners offer Complex Dynamics trainees reciprocal training opportunities  through workshops, seminars, and tutorials offered at international partner sites in the US, France, and Germany. CAP (University of Cincinnati) promotes graduate training inspired by nonlinear dynamics, ecological psychology, and complexity science. Euromov (Montpellier, France) links nonlinear dynamics of movement health with technological platforms and business incubation. RITMO (Oslo, Norway) pursues an interdisciplinary approach to temporal dimensions of behavior and dynamics in rhythms. Learn more at the "Network Partners" tab.