August 9 Posters – Session B

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Congratulations to Louis Richez (graduate) and Virtues Dawn Serrano (undergraduate) for their Best Poster awards!

Research Theme Name Short Title Level University
Disrupted dynamics Chima, Glory Emotional Arousal Effects on Memory Undergraduate Student McGill Univ
Group dynamics McCrackin, Sarah Gaze cues facilitate eye-movements Postdoc McGill Univ
Neuroscience foundations Sayeh, Margaret Prenatal Infection, Circadian Disruption Undergraduate Student McGill Univ
Neuroscience foundations Scheurich, Rebecca Neural stability supports coordination Postdoc McGill Univ
Developmental dynamics Serrano , Virtues Dawn Infant rhythm and meter perception Undergraduate Student McMaster Univ
Neuroscience foundations Snytte, Jamie Neural correlates of memory in aging Graduate Student McGill Univ
Group dynamics Tomiuk, Emma Learning to synchronize Undergraduate Student McGill Univ